One of TM’s most important responsibilities is to assess, minimize and control all possible environmental impacts and risks for occupational safety in all its projects and operations. 

To realize this, the company implements certain principles without any compromise 

1.  TM GROUP is prioritized “zero accident” philosophy and provides the necessary training and investment for its employees in order to achieve this. 

2.  Periodically reviews operations and assesses possible risks. 

3.  Guarantees to comply with all the laws, regulations, standards and notifications regarding HSE. 

4.  Determine HSE targets and relative actions and management systems.

5.  Arranges the necessary training for its personnel about the HSE responsibility and awareness.

6.  Periodically informs all employees through e-mails, meetings, announcements, and signalizations.

7.  Enables easy access to all related HSE information by distributing documents such as booklets. 

8.  Periodically reviews the performance of the established HSE management system and takes the needed actions in order to improve and enhance the system’s success. 

9.  Reviews and assesses the causes of occupational accidents and diseases and takes HSE precautions in order to avoid them. 

10.  Strictly follows the new improvements in HSE field and updates its management system accordingly.

TM Founded in 1995, with its strong and dynamic structure, operates in four sectors; Construction, Electro-Mechanical Contracting, Agriculture and Trade in 3 continents and 10 countries of the world. To date TM has completed more than 70 projects in 10 countries.


Address: Ortaköy Dereboyu Cad. Refik Fenmen Sk. No: 4, PK: 34347 Beşiktaş, İstanbul / TÜRKİYE

Phone:  + 90 (212) 274 86 86 (Pbx )

Fax:      +90 (212)236 03 75

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