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Social Responsibility

TM as a family, "Respect" and "Continuous Improvement" contain the concepts of quality policy to develop ourselves, we endeavor to fulfill the social responsibilities.Turkuaz employees, guests, non-governmental organizations, projects and creates a non-profit organizations. Turkuaz social welfare, education and cultural programs that enhance opportunities for sponsors, supports them and tries to volunteer in these programs. It also goes beyond, focused on activities with health and environmental responsibility. 

Mentally Disabled Students & Visually handicapped

With mental retardation, children's education could not find the opportunity to adapt to social life - completing the teaching profession was founded in order to obtain direct and professional education as Turkuaz family support.



Turkish Armed Forces Mehmetçik Foundation (TSK)

While performing his military duty in Turkish Armed Forces; to increase the social and economic support it provides to the relatives, veterans and disabled soldiers and their children who are obliged to take care of the martyrs or those who died for any reason.

Donate to the Mehmetçik Foundation TM Group Chairman Uğur Başıtaş was given a plaque of appreciation by Retired Colonel Gürkan Gülçin, the Turkish Representative of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation.


Children with leukemia in collaboration with LÖSEV TURKUAZ social welfare, education and cultural programs that enhance opportunities for sponsors, supports them and tries to volunteer in these programs.



Skin sensitivity to the environment and nature under the principle of the our staff and given various trainings Tema by foundations. Turkuaz Engineering takes measure protecting environment and human health and to provide a safe working environment in all our activities from provision of materials to product dispatch by giving importance not only to business results but also to how these results are obtained, under ISO 14001 environmental management system.


Helping Street Animals & Farm Animal Sanctuary
In Turkey, forced to live in many stray animals(dogs&cats) try to survive in the street.Those taking refuge in relatively good for the animal shelter but still living very difficult conditions.We do helping farm animals sanctuary and giving hand to our friends under the most difficult conditions.We set off for our friends in the shelter with the help of many animal loving friends who have been working on the streets and the farms in need of care, since 2010 we have helped numerous street and farm animals.

TM Founded in 1995, with its strong and dynamic structure, operates in four sectors; Construction, Electro-Mechanical Contracting, Agriculture and Trade in 3 continents and 10 countries of the world. To date TM has completed more than 70 projects in 10 countries.


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